Name: Andrew Armendariz
Promotion to: Lieutenant, Law Enforcement Training & Recruiting
Special Area of Responsibility/Game Mgmt Units: Statewide- Law Enforcement Training, Field Training Program, Recruiting and the Game Warden (Conservation Officer) Recruit School
Length of Service: 6 years
Prior position: Sergeant- Roswell Supervisory District
Highschool: Capitan High School- Capitan, New Mexico
College: Western New Mexico University- Silver City, New Mexico
Degree- Bachelors of Applied Science, Forest Wildlife Law Enforcement
Hometown: Capitan, New Mexico
Current Projects/Assignments:Primarily manage the Statewide- Law Enforcement and Field Training Programs for all commissioned officers within the Department.
Currently preparing to hire the next generation of Conservation Officers. Reviewing and approving advanced law enforcement training curriculum for the Conservation Officer Recruit School and other various training disciplines. Outfitting new hires with academy and Department uniforms, law enforcement gear and field equipment.
Best Thing About the Job:The best thing about being a Conservation Officer is having the ability to work outdoors, see various species of wildlife, have a flexible work schedule, patrol different areas of the state each day, and conduct complex wildlife investigations relative to fishing and hunting laws.
What made you want to be a NM Game Warden? My passion for the great outdoors and wildlife, not being stuck in an office setting and having a sense of freedom was the biggest deciding factor in becoming a Conservation Officer.
One piece of advice for anyone interested in becoming a NM Game Warden. First, earn a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from an accredited college or university then schedule a ride-along with your local Conservation Officer. Become a person who is team-oriented, self- motivated and hardworking and who takes pride in themselves to succeed in all that they do.

Contact Information: Office: 575-624-6135 Cell: 505-690-9563 Email: